Kuberaa is built on Prestashop platform to meet today's competitive ecommerce marketplace by combining commerce management, rich user experience, stock management, products, categories and extensibility in a single, seamless commerce platform. It's a scalable and reliable solution, which offers enterprise-class features and flexibility you need to build and manage an eCommerce solution tailored to your unique needs.

Kuberaa delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities to revolutionize the way ecommerce market own, integrate and manage their business. It's a Cloud based SaaS solution with integrated payment, logistics, customer retention and acquisition solutions.


With Kuberaa, sellers can build and manage a centralized digital product catalog including pricing, inventory, variants, content, images and multimedia with few clicks. Can also manage product recommendations to increase margins and revenues!

Product management:

Shared Omni-product catalog, per channel overrides, extensible attributes and templates, multi-channel inventory

Order management:

Order management by channel, custom order status and fields, extensible logistics integrations, returns management, multi-payment and shipping, customizable locations, email notifications.

Site management:

Site publishing capabilities, advanced theme management, website editing (CMS), faceted search configuration and navigation


Site settings, email configuration, payments and checkout, tax, shipping, user and role management, publishing management, application management, file management, channel management

User Experience Design

Kuberaa’s customized UX design helps you to differentiate your brand and helps end users to purchase products seamlessly.


Powerful SEO features, which will give you an edge in the search engine visibility. Optimized product URLs, offers, promotions and gift cards are integrated. You can also create urgency and excitement through flash sales and offer coupons and rewards to drive conversions.


PayPal, Google Wallet and various payment gateway integration based on your geo-location.

Customer Engagement

Acquire, manage, and segment your customers based on their browsing and purchase behaviour, send them personalized offers and coupons. Customer accounts, profiles, customized attributes, preferences, order history, saved payment methods, communication preferences and wish lists are easily manageable.

Analytics and Reporting

Kuberaa generates reports based on the customized requirements and empower your team members. Gain insights into business with reports and also take immediate actions. Google analytics integration will help you analyze website traffic. Interactive dashboard showcases key customer metrics such as customer lifetime value, sales, product reporting, marketing and web analytics.